For Sonographers

with Rabab Al-Amin, RDCS, M.Ac., L.Ac., Dipl Ac. NCCAOM, C. ZB


 - Do you have Shoulder & neck pain? 
 - Are you contemplating carpal tunnel surgery? 
 - Does your lower back hurt you? 
 - Do you feel like you are aging too fast? 
 - Have you had multiple MRIs done? 
 - Have you been to numerous specialists looking for an answers? 
 - Have you already had shoulder repair surgery?
 - Are you scared that you might spend the rest of your life in

I Will Show You The Expert Methods  

Thursday, May 8th

@ 11:00AM EST, 2:00PM PST

90% of Sonographers suffer traumatic Musculoskeletal injuries within the first 1-5 years of their ultrasound career. 
It is just plain wrong that most healthcare professional ignore the effects of trauma on the overall health that leads to chronic pain, anxiety depression and other symptoms.    

What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar:
When Pain Becomes Chronic
There is enough research that proves that chronic unresolved trauma can lead to more than just acute and chronic pain. It can also lead and contribute to other chronic and severe disease, to name a few:
* Neuropathy
* Restless legs
* Insomnia
* High blood pressure
* Diabetes 
* Brain fog
* Heart disease
Stay ahead of the game and PREVENT becoming a statistic! 
I Have Been There Myself
That's why I know..
I am a retired RDCS of 27 years. I was injured doing echocardiograms 22 years ago and was declared disabled by my doctors. I could not find anyone to help me. 
I felt it is just PLAIN WRONG that most healthcare professional ignore the effects physical of trauma on the overall health that leads to chronic pain, anxiety depression and other symptoms.    
This is why I made it my business to heal myself and learned all the different modalities in the years that followed my injury to heal myself and thousands of others. 
My name is Rabab Al-Amin, I am a Chinese Medicine Physician and medicine woman. I have helped thousands of people over the past 21 years recover from their chronic pain that was impacting their body mind and spirit due to unresolved, and unmitigated trauma. Patients successfully recovered as I addressed the initial trauma.  
You can get on a free 15 minutes discovery  call with me to identify your potential next step for a pain free life.  I'll build a personalized remediation plan for you and  you begin to get relief as you implement the steps I show you... nearly immediately.  
What If There's Another Way To Heal? 
What if there is hope and another way to heal your pain? 

What if you can go from feeling scared, unsure of your future, depressed, not looking forward to the next day of chronic pain to alive, vibrant, happy, centered confident to embrace everyday with energy? 
Imagine yourself waking up rested after a good night sleep with abundant energy and without pain. 
Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with such clarity that you accomplish your tasks effortlessly without pain feeling better than you felt in years. 
Imagine being able to dance, play golf, have quality time with your children, your family, your friends. Imagine saying yes to life and feeling vibrant and alive again! 
This FREE Advanced Training is Limited so Act Now!
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